My prices are a combination of voice-over fee and studio rental.
The voice-over fee depends on text length and usage.

A studio rent of 90 € / h is added to all recordings. All prices exclusive of VAT.

Click on the menu headings below to find out detailed prices in the individual categories.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I would be happy to make you a non-binding offer.

up to 2 min.*                                   350 €
up to 5 min.*                                   500 €
each additional 5 min.*              100 €

Prices are quoted per film.
Usage: Complete Internet (homepage and linked pages, video portals, social media, etc.), for presentations, DVDs, convention openings & apps.

No usage as advertising (TV, radio, cinema, stadium, POS, etc. or as PreRoll/AutoPlay/Push embedded Internet advertising).

* 1 minute = 900 characters incl. spaces (approx. 130 words).

up to 2 min.*                                    250 €
up to 5 min.*                                    300 €
each additional 5 min.*                 60 €

(without video or timecode)

Usage eLearning / Training film: internal, Intranet, closed user group, employee training
Usage Audio Guide: in museums or audio stations / tourism


* 1 minute = 900 characters incl. spaces (approx. 130 words).

1 Module*                                            90 €
3 Modules*                                        180 €
each additional module*               50 €

Usage fees are valid for one end user.

* For telephone messages, the maximum module length is 450 characters including spaces (approx. 30 sec.). A module with 1,000 characters would therefore be charged as three. If more than one content element is included in a call queue, each element is considered a separate module. Prices for large orders, interactive dialogues or IVR-/Interactive Voice Response-Systems available on request.


This depends on the use/distribution of the commercial! Please ask me for an individual offer.